VAMP is back!

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VAMP is back!

#1 Post by issinoho »

Right. I finally got off my lazy ass and got this site running again.

Why was it down? Well, following some OS patches last year, things started to go badly wrong on my Alpha. Apache processes were locking out in COLPG state (what the hell is that anyway?); TCPWare SSH was locking up; CDE wouldn't let me login, etc, etc.

Anyway, it was sick. An attempted uninstall of the patches failed and I got fed up and buttoned it.

What I did today was install OpenVMS in PRESERVE mode which forced out the patches and on first glance it seems to have done the trick.

On first glance? Hmmmm. I already see a COLPG process which isn't good and SSH is still shot. The site does seem to be up and healthy though.

This leaves me in a bit of a dilemma. On one hand the site is up & good, and if I treat it as a black-box then I can just leave it to do its stuff. However... broken things annoy me and as a an IT professional I really want to get the Alpha back to its best.

So... I plan to migrate VAMP onto my Vista box (will be seamless to you guys), back things up and then reinstall my Alpha afresh. In the time that VAMP has been down I've missed multitudes of upgrades from VMS to Apache, MySQL to phpBB. I will take the opportunity to upgrade these items as well.

I will of course move VAMP back onto VMS as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience and polite enquiries recently. I hope you continue to find this resource useful.

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#2 Post by brad »

COLPG - Collided page wait - has to do with resource shortages?

Try doing an AUTOGEN sequence in a few days:

$@sys$update:autogen savparams savparams
$@sys$update:autogen getdata testfiles

Read the resultant sys$system:agen*.report file for suggestions for SYSGEN parameter settings. When you're ready to reboot:

$@sys$update:autogen genparams reboot

You might need to repeat this sequence a few more times, leaving a couple days' space in between each sequence.

Of course, this is probably not the only thing you can do, but it's the first thing that comes to mind, until someone else responds.

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