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Board upgraded to phpBB v2.0.20

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l.i. Changes since 2.0.18

* [Fix] corrected index on session keys table under MS SQL
* [Fix] added session keys table to backup
* [Fix] delete session keys entries when deleting user
* [Fix] changes to support MySQL 5.0
* [Fix] changes to some of the admin files to improve efficiency and remove a potential error condition when building the menu
* [Fix] change truncation of username length in usercp_register.php - BFUK
* [Fix] incorrect path to avatars in admin_users.php (Bug #667)
* [Fix] fixed get_userdata to support correct sql escaping (non-mysql dbs) - jarnaez
* [Fix] fixed captcha for those not having the zlib extension enabled
* [Change] Placed version information above who is online in admin panel for better visual presence
* [Sec] fixed XSS issue (only valid for Internet Explorer) within the url bbcode
* [Sec] fixed XSS issue if html tags are allowed and enabled
* [Sec] added configurable maximum login attempts to prevent dictionary attacks

l.ii. Changes since 2.0.17

* [Fix] incorrect handling of password resets if admin activation is enabled (Bug #88)
* [Fix] retrieving category rows in index.php (Bug #90)
* [Fix] improved index performance by determining the permissions before iterating through all forums (Bug #91)
* [Fix] wrong topic redirection after login redirect (Bug #94)
* [Fix] improved handling of username lists in admin_ug_auth.php (Bug #98)
* [Fix] incorrect removal of bbcode_uid values if bbcode has been turned off (Bug #100)
* [Fix] correctly preview signature if editing other users posts (Bug #101)
* [Fix] incorrect alt tag on generated search images in groupcp.php, viewtopic.php and usercp_viewprofile.php (Bug #102)
* [Fix] consistent forum ordering in all dropdown boxes (Bug #106)
* [Fix] correctly get compression status in page_tail.php and page_footer_admin.php (Bug #117)
* [Fix] set page title on summary page of groupcp.php (bug #125)
* [Fix] correctly test style and avatar in usercp_register.php (bug #129 and #317)
* [Fix] handling of reactivation notifications if admin activation is enabled (Bug #145)
* [Fix] handling of both forms of translation information used in language packs (Bug #159)
* [Fix] key length for activation keys fixed in usercp_sendpassword.php (Bug #171)
* [Fix] use GENERAL_MESSAGE constant in message_die instead of MESSAGE (Bug #176)
* [Fix] incorrect handling of move stubs (Bug #179)
* [Fix] wrong mode_type in memberlist (Bug #187)
* [Fix] SQL errors when setting maximum PMs to 0 (Bug #188)
* [Fix] removed unused variable from topic_notify email template (Bug #210)
* [Fix] removed unset variable from smilies popup window title (Bug #224)
* [Fix] removed duplicate template assignment from admin_board.php (Bug #226)
* [Fix] incorrect search link for guest posts in modcp.php (Bug #254)
* [Fix] all users removed from topics watch table on special occassions (Bug #271)
* [Fix] correctly check returned value from strpos in append_sid function (Bug #275)
* [Fix] correctly display username in private message notification (Bug #278)
* [Fix] fixed "var-by-ref" errors (Bug #322)
* [Fix] changed redirection to installation (Bug #325)
* [Fix] added timout of 10 seconds to version check (Bug #348)
* [Fix] fixed user_level default in postgresql schema file (Bug #444)
* [Fix] multiple minor HTML issues with subSilver
* [Change] deprecated the use of some PHP 3 compatability functions in favour of the native equivalents
* [Change] added 60 days limit for grabbing unread topics in index.php
* [Sec] backport of session keys system from olympus
* [Sec] fixed email bans to use the same pattern as email validation and allow wildcard domain bans
* [Sec] fixed validation of topic type when posting
* [Sec] unset database password once it is no longer needed
* [Sec] fixed potential to select images outside the specified path as avatars or smilies
* [Sec] fix globals de-registration code for PHP5 - (Stefan Esser/Matt Kavanagh)
* [Sec] changed avatar gallery code sections to prevent possible injection points (AnthraX101)
* [Sec] signature field is not properly sanitised for user input when an error occurs while accessing the avatar gallery (AnthraX101)
* [Sec] check to_username and ownership when editing a PM (AnthraX101)
* [Sec] fixed ability to edit PM's you did not send (depablo84)
* [Sec] compare imagetype on avatar uploading to match the file extension from uploaded file

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