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Memory upgrade

#1 Post by issinoho »

I have now upgraded my PWS to 1Gb of RAM so it's going like a little beauty now.

Even at 512Mb, the mail & news component of Mozilla was very slooooow (interestingly the browser itself was fine) - at 1Gb the whole Mozilla package blazes along.

I'm currently at 93% capacity on my 2Gb disk, so until my 9Gb replacement arrives there'll be no more installs. The next big step is to get JAVA on and start getting some opensource GUIs up.

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Ram Rumbles

#2 Post by Uridium »

Odd.. in the main home machine, I have 768mb (128mx6) in my Station 200 4/166 and once it gets running it hammers. Weird. Takes a wet week to load though because it's still only scsi-2 and slow disks. Really must solve that problem and track down a decent wide card. Seems to take usually <90mb ram with 15 or so web sites open at the same time.

I think setting something like VAMP up for me atm is a bit adventurous given my recent shove from becomming a user of 7 years to an admin, but I will be having a go. Fun! At the moment I'm still trudging through my mail config and making sure that a) works b) behaves properly c) isn't nasty relay wise.. which will need investigating.

Really love the site and well done for getting it to where it is. I'll be checking back a few times a week and reading :)

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