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File Attributes

#1 Post by issinoho »

If script files (.php, etc) have embedded <CR> and/or <LF> symbols at the end of lines, then do the following.

$ EXCHANGE/NET/FDL=stream.fdl infilename outfilename

where "stream.fdl" contains:

CARRIAGE_CONTROL carriage_return
FORMAT stream

This will change the file's attributes, such that the embedded CR-LF pairs
are now the natural record delimiters.

If you are running OpenVMS 6.1 (I think) or later, you can use:


which should have the same effect. See the appropriate HELP commands for more information.

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If creating a new file...

#2 Post by Alphaman »

I've found that if you're creating a new file, you can ensure that the correct attributes are set by explicitly creating the file before opening it for write:

Code: Select all

$       create data.html /fdl=sys$input
$       Deck
block_span yes
carriage_control carriage_return
format stream_lf
size 0
$       EOD
$       open/append HTML$File data.html
The file data.html is now populated with data in the stream-lf format necessary for Apache v2.

HTH someone,

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Make PHP process all of your files...

#3 Post by kenrbnsn »

One thing I discovered... PHP doesn't seem to care about the format of the input file.

If you install PHP and then tell Apache to use PHP on all of your file typesm you can use regular VMS files for your HTML and PHP files. Only CSS files still need to be str/lf attribute.

Ken Robinson

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No STREAM_LF for me

#4 Post by WillemGrooters »

This has been the major issue for me NOT to use Apache 2.0. IMHO, ANY application running on OpenVMS should be able to cope with native file formats. I have command procedures and executables that create my web files - because any Unix-based won't recognize multiple versions of files: in a directory list, Apache will show only the latest version. This is a problem if you NEED to have access to different versions, so I run a commandprocedure to create a HTM page showing the whole lot. Ok, I could do the CONVERT afterwards, but why would I? Apache 1.3 can handle this.
Sometimes, there is no alternative than to accept this. Java is such garbage. Choice is NOT to use this when avoidable, otherwise stick to files local to Java and don't let it require access to native files at all.

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File Attributes

#5 Post by ThomasCrift »

Are you asking how to make it anamorphic? mpeg4modifier by moitah can set the pixel aspect ratio of an ASP stream in an AVI file to be the same as it is in a 16:9 dvd, thus making the picture render with the correct dimensions. Whether or not your player supports this, I dont know.

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